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Mr. Goodell found his vehicle when it turned out that slightly underinflated footballs had been used in a 2015 championship game that the Patriots won 45-7. Though the balls obviously had no impact on the game, and no one had ever made a big issue of this before, the commissioner climbed atop his moral high horse and announced that the very integrity of the game was at stake.Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys.He fined the Patriots a record $1 million, robbed them of their first-round draft pick this year and fourth-round pick next year, and compelled them to bench quarterback Tom Brady for four games.Certainly the integrity of sports matters, since rules are crucial to keeping the games competitive. But there was plenty amiss in the kangaroo court that judged the Patriots.For example, in the NFL’s investigation, all of the Patriots’ balls were examined, while only some of the Colts’ were. And, as any car owner knows, thanks to the Ideal Gas Law, air pressure goes down naturally in colder weather.Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys.Moreover, the authorities who measured the balls’ air pressure used different devices to come up with very different readings. Nonetheless, the NFL deemed there was more reason than not to conclude the Patriots had somehow tampered with the footballs.After a competition committee presentation at the league meetings this week raised no objections, the NFL adopted a position that will allow teams and prospects to “video chat” without counting each session towards the 30 player visits each team is permitted at its facility before the draft, a person with knowledge of the plan told USA TODAY Sports.NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale.The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the NFL had not informed clubs of the change and still is considering some potential rules around it.

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