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But NextVR’s remarkable work with the NFL and the NBA provides a virtual experience that is far more engaging and dramatic. The slick highlights packages they produce for the NFL are released after the games, but NextVR is uniquely equipped to do live VR video.NFL Jerseys Cheap. The company uses the same crew, gear, and processes to broadcast one live NBA game each week. They use eight camera rigs, hop between camera angles, and include onscreen graphics and play-by-play announcers.We aren’t talking 360 video, either. There’s no confusion about where to look, as NextVR’s rigs use a 180-degree field of view to record only the action in front of them.Discount NFL Authentic Jerseys.The hardware is more 3-D camera than VR camera, with processing tricks that add depth and boost the sense of realism. Each double-barrel RED rig captures 6K video for each eye. That’s tens of millions more pixels than any headset can display now, but NextVR wants to future-proof its content.Peek inside NextVR’s production truck and you’ll see a director, line producer, editors, audio technicians, and banks of monitors above racks of expensive gear. Wholesale Authentic Jerseys.“We have a ton of engineers, because the tech side is so heavy,” says coordinating producer Josh Earl. “We have more engineers than actual broadcast people. I’ve been in broadcast for 15 years, and I still don’t understand how everything in here works yet. It’s just different.”


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