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Cheap Football Jerseys.After years of varying organizational holes, the Falcons this season have given Ryan the best defense and playcaller he has ever had. If not now, then when? Ryan wasn’t having any part of such talk Saturday night. He politely deflected my every attempt to put the next few weeks into the context of his career.”If you spend your time thinking about that,” Ryan said, “it takes away from taking care of your business that week. I always believe that if you handle your business week to week, all the other stuff will take care of itself.”People who know Ryan say that’s simply his personality. He works hard to remain in the moment, at least in public.NFL Jerseys Cheap. Like it or not, however, his career will be judged one day in part on whether he was the quarterback of a Super Bowl champion.It’s a fact that most NFL quarterbacks come to understand at some point in their lives. A few years ago, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers put it this way: The regular season is about earning the big paycheck, and the playoffs are about legacy.”The great quarterbacks,” Rodgers said, “are remembered for their playoff successes and triumphs and Super Bowl championships and Super Bowl MVPs.”NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale.


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