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And when you look at the play and it’s a close play. Remember, the quarterback who becomes a runner loses quarterback protection but still has unnecessary roughness protection so at this point if the quarterback starts his slide before contact is imminent by that defender, he can’t be contacted to any part of his body.NFL Authentic Jerseys Sale.If he starts his slide late, he can be contacted to the body but he can’t be contacted to the head and neck area.”If you watch this at full speed, and we have to remember, the referee gets one look at it full speed and then we get to analyze it from all these different angles. It’s a close play, Walt felt that the player went over the top, that it was a late slide, that the contact to the head was incidental.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.You watch the replay in slow motion, it’s certainly debatable either way, there is contact to the head, referee felt it wasn’t forcible, that’s why the flag was not thrown in that situation.”Irsay added that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the Chargers exercise their option to relocate to Los Angeles before the Jan. 15 deadline. He also said it would be “fruitless” for NFL owners to give the Chargers and owner Dean Spanos more time to make a relocation decision beyond the already-established deadline.”I think Dean needs to make a decision on what looks best for the Chargers and move forward,” Irsay said. “That option is there and I know as owners that we felt two teams could be supported in Los Angeles,unquestionably.NFL Jerseys Authentic.Speaking specifically about the Raiders’ efforts to get a new stadium in Oakland, Irsay said he doesn’t “sense much optimism there” and doesn’t think there are any “productive” developments going on to keep the Raiders in the city. Irsay also said he felt Las Vegas could support an NFL team.

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